Our Mission

Jacinthe Bleau

The company

Located in Montréal, Médicus Sport is a subsidiary corporation of Médicus Ltée., founded by Mr. Jean-Claude Bleau.

Today, Médicus is the most prestigious private orthotics and prosthetics laboratory in Québec, regrouping several companies, entities in their own right fulfilling their own functions.  Download our catalog.

Our Mission

To contribute to the wellness and the quality of life of all our clients by providing a high level of products and advice tailored to their needs. To accompany our client in his/her search for performance and injury prevention.

Our Values


  • To give the service we would like to receive.
  • To treat our clients and each other with honesty, competence and professionalism.
  • To be conscious of our human, social and economic responsibilities.
  • To act among ourselves with respect, collaboration and understanding.
  • To listen to the needs of our clients and welcome their comments.
  • Tp offer high quality products and services and avant-garde technologies to adequately meet customer needs.
  • To be honest, understanding and thoroughly professional in all our relations.


Médicus Sport is presently preparing itself for the millennium changes in the physical fitness field. Its one of a kind system places Medicus at the top of the list when it comes to physical fitness re-education. Thanks to Médicus Sport, physical activity is accessible to all.

Le marché

Médicus Sport is a professional service center offering knowledge, expertise and technologies to anatomically evaluate movements in order to ameliorate the well being of sport aficionados. Its highly qualified expertise enables Medicus Sport to distinguish itself considerably from its competitors.

Groupe Médicus enjoys great notoriety; its experience is broadened with over 100,000 active patient files and more than 150,000 client files.

More than 17,000 health professionals (doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists…) consult, refer and prescribe to Médicus annually.


Médicus Sport customers come from the following groups :


  • Active population: persons who train regularly and seek a sense of well being and a deeper knowledge of the biomechanical and neuro-kinetic functions of their bodies.
  • Elite sport: professional teams, national sporting teams, amateur sport, sport-study.
  • Non competitive sport enthusiasts of any age who wish to improve their performance.
  • Young developing athletes

Whether you are an elite sportsman, or if you practise on a regular or occasional basis, your final results are determined by how your feet rest on the ground.

To avoid frequent pain or injury associated with your activities, as well as take advantage of comfort and optimal performance, it is important to verify the quality of your shoes, their adequacy and any possible improvement which can be made by using plantar orthoses.

To do so, we analyse your static and dynamic equilibrium on a treadmill with a video image and study the mobility of your feet and ankles. These analysis are essential to fabricate moulded orthoses that meet your specific needs as well as helping to choose the proper shoes and gear best suited for you.