KINORTHOTICS™ are a Médicus & Médicus Sport exclusive. The name says it all. It is a combination of both kinesiology & orthotics/prosthetics techniques. More precisely, a personalized evaluation, fabrication,  recommendation and physical fitness plan geared towards reducing pathological problems.

The primary goal of KINORTHOTICS™ is to improve joint movement. The orthotist must be able to pinpoint the source of a patient’s pain in order to correct the problem. The kinesiologist will then conclude the intervention by providing a complete assessment of the client’s joints and muscles, recommending an exercise program geared towards proper posture and a safe, balanced and painless gait. As a temporary solution, the client may be offered a non-prescription orthotic, or be referred to a doctor, if necessary.


KINORTHOTICS™ are based upon postural evaluation and biomechanics. They are composed of sports movements and motion pathologies, the last of which may modify or be harmful to a simple movement such as walking. If not corrected, these movements, repeated thousands of times, may result in posture imbalance and chronic problems.

Biomechanics are at the base of any intervention: the forces with which the body accepts and adapts, transforming itself by modifying its posture and movement. Physical movement in the body works in the same way, as daily tasks and activities are imposed on it. Following the advice of an orthotist, along with proper training, can lead to better posture and muscle balance.

The science of orthotics, along with kinesiology, act together and in relation to one another when it comes to the physical structure (chain reaction or kinetic chain).

Following this principle, KINORTHOTICS™ allow for:

  • Realignement of different body structures providing better posture;
  • Pinpointing and stabilization of the problem;
  • Improving performance at all levels;
  • Preventing injury caused by bad posture or pathology;
  • Teaching the body to act on its own, depending on the detected condition;
  • Eliminating a chain reaction when one condition leads to another.


Anyone, whether they have or don’t have a posture related problem. Furthermore, it can be beneficial in numerous situations related to work, sports, daily activities and recreation: even for elite athletes looking to improve their performance or prevent injury.

To sum it up, KINORTHOTICS™ are a mix of two important factors:

  • The science of orthotics which corrects problems and realignement of the body structure;
  • Physical activity which stabilizes the joints and strengthens the muscles, keeping the structures aligned.

“ASAP” STANDARDS are the quality standards that each foot orthotic must meet when fabricated or adjusted. The ASAP acronym represents the following:

A is for a greater ABSORPTION, especially at the heel level;
S is for better STABILITY of the foot arch;
A is for the ADAPTABILlTY of the orthotic to the foot morphology;
P is for the PROPULSION factor stemming from the interior of the orthotic.

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