Foot orthotics

Bio-Dynamik® foot orthotics

Art and Sciences at your Service !

Our experienced clinical practitioners manufacture orthoses adapted to the biomechanics of your body, the requirements of your lifestyle and adapt or correct the functional impediments noted during the evaluation. These orthoses are made up of different materials and enable their proper functionning as each part of the foot touches the ground.

Médicus makes custom-made foot orthotics according to standards and meeting the requirements of the Minister of Health and Social Services; very dependable products which are the result of
numerous years of research and more than 50 years of experience thanks to it’s team of specialists in biomechanics, their methods and materials.

PerfoStab léger

The base may be modified according to patients’ weight. Muscular stimulation and optimal alignment provided by bevelled inside. Excellent for running or speed walking.

Dynamic materials – Light casing with microperforations for breathability – Absorption base – Absorption cushion – Rigid materials


Comfortable, lightweight, dynamic supple soles for well-being. Designed with composite materials in several thicknesses. Stiff, yet sturdy design. For weak arches, talalgia, mild arthritis or valgus.

Very resistant to rubbing and easy to clean covering – Wide base – Slim design – can be worn in almost any dress shoe – Lateral support – Absorption cushion


For moderately active individuals. Front and back bevels with correctional abilities.

Light casing with microperforations or polished leather – Dynamic materials – Absorption cushion – Wide base for heel control and alignment – Rigid materials

Orthotics’ coverings

Not only are our orthotics made to measure with various elements and materials, but they are also covered with different casings according to each need and each individual:

  • Thick, cushioned and sturdy: arthritis and diabetes
  • Thin, absorbent and resistant: mild cases of arthritis and diabetes
  • Resistant to rubbing suitable: light arthritis or valgus
  • Light with micro-perforations: active individuals

Plantar orthoses may also help prevent:

  • Foot/Ankle : Achillean bursitis – sub-calcaneus bursitis – Foot deformities – Stress fracture – Growth pathology – Sub-Talus pain – Tarsal tunnel syndrome – Diabetes – Sesamoïditis – Rhumatoïd Arthritis – Ligament hyperlaxity
  • Leg : Muscle fatigue – Sprain – Hyperlaxity – Tendonitis – Cramps – Osteoarthritis
  • Knee : Osteoarthritis of the internal compartment – Crossed ligaments anterior/posterior – Anserine Bursitis (Goosefoot) – Contractures – Meniscus
  • Hip : Iliotibial Band Syndrome – Hip Flexor – Rotation
  • Back : Sprain – Lumbago – Hyperlodosis – Sacroiliac pain – Scoliosis caused by shorter leg